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Hastings has emerged as a modern commercial centre and business hub from its historic roots in 1066.

The success of East Sussex’s growing economic presence in the UK is a result of a culmination of successes in its towns and cities, from the bustling hub of Brighton to Eastbourne along the coastline. Together this cluster of attractive commercial spots represent the changing face of business in Britain as industries slowly relocate and expands from the capital.

This February, Sussex celebrated nine consecutive months of falling unemployment alongside a 30% drop in benefit claims over the course of 2014. Proactive councils from across East Sussex regularly create business initiatives that help to drive the economy forward; for example, East Sussex councils and Surrey councils joined forces in 2014 to create the SE Shared Services website which secured deals worth more than £100 million.

The idyllic seaside town of Hastings has emerged as a modern commercial centre from its historic roots in 1066. Hastings is now known as one the largest high tech manufacturing bases in southern England, with numerous innovative facilities purposely built to aid expansion and train an ever-growing workforce.

The economy has gone from strength to strength

According to a poll in October 2014, 40% of London based businesses had or were considering a move outside the city due to rising housing and travel costs. Hastings benefits from one of the lowest living costs in the region, despite its enticing seafront location and growing business quarters. Hastings’ average asking rental price of £775 pcm compared to the steep £3,012 average monthly charge in London has attracted the young and enterprising. These low rental prices are also reflected in Hastings’ commercial rental rates which remain extremely competitive.

Over the past decade, governments have gradually relocated departments to more affordable parts of the country in a bid to cut costs such as civil service departments. This dispersion of industries and talent has created thriving towns like Hastings which benefit from its close proximity to London and the tech-centric city of Brighton nearby. Substantial development of commercial property in the area has appealed to established businesses looking to expand or relocate as well as start-ups looking for a first office space. With a convenient infrastructure, low-cost commercial and residential asking prices and a coastal location that promotes a high-quality lifestyle, the economy in Hastings has gone from strength to strength.

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