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Eastbourne is an example of how a perfect location can help a town to become an integral part of economic growth.

East Sussex is emerging as the one of the biggest business regions in the country outside London. Thanks to its close proximity to the capital and transport links to the rest of the country, coupled with low-cost commercial spaces and a quality lifestyle by the coast, Sussex towns like Eastbourne are now focused on creating more commercial property areas to accommodate business influxes.

Eastbourne is an example of how a perfect location and the right business initiatives can lift up a small town to become an integral part of economic growth in a region. Towns and cities, like Eastbourne, have all contributed to a nine-month fall in unemployment figures with a 30% fall in benefit claimants over 2014. Eastbourne alone reported a drop of nearly 500 Job Seekers Allowance claimants last year - 110 of which were young people between 18 and 24.

Affordable office spaces

Following a large focus on developing commercial property, Eastbourne has become an attractive business base for established businesses wanting to expand or relocate as well as small and medium sized businesses that want an affordable first office space on the picturesque southern coast. According to a report in September 2014, more than half of London workers said that they would move out of the capital if prices continued to increase. The average rental price in Eastbourne is currently £886 pcm compared to the £3,012 pcm average asking price in London.

One outcome of this continuous shift to the outer regions has been the dense pockets of select industries in East Sussex, such as advanced engineering, manufacturing, tourism and conferences – all of which feature heavily in Eastbourne. East Sussex even boasts a highest cluster of technology companies than anywhere else in the UK – named the most important British industry in 2015. Thanks to government grants across East Sussex, Eastbourne is able to continually update its commercial spaces and infrastructure that will boost its economy for years to come.

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